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Hi! I am thankful to you for visiting this website today []. This is a FREE economics Web portal for all the students and teachers of the economics. The Main purpose and objective of building this site is to provide the a platform of links to other economics resources. This website contains the information and educational & research material on different branches / topics of economics form the online dictionaries and encyclopedias...................Start to Learn the Economics

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This website is designed and maintained by G. Mohey-ud-din, a student economics (research and analysis) having Masters degree in economics with distinction [Gold Medallist]. Currently doing M.Phil [Economics] from GC University, Lahore and IBP superior qualification [ISQ] in Banking and Finance /JAIBP [Junior Associate of IBP] from The Institute of Bankers Pakistan [IBP].................Read More about G. Moheyuddin

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Dr. Mehbub ul Haq Said:
    "We were taught to take
care of GNP as This will
take care of Poverty,

Let's reverse this and take

care of poverty as this

will take care of GNP"   


Adam Smith Said:

    "No Society can surely

be flourishing and happy,

of which by far the greater

part of the numbers are

poor and miserable "   


Edith Wharton Said:

    "There are two ways

of Spreading lights; to be

a candle or a mirror

that reflects it "   

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